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Dear Families,

As we navigate all the exciting changes ahead, we would like to inform you of our plans for EL services for the next few weeks. (Please bear in mind, we are getting new information/mandates on a daily basis, so all of these plans are subject to change).

Bridge Weeks (3/22-4/2): No changes - we will continue with the current EL schedule. We understand that your child may have to miss one session/week due to Bridge Week activities, if participating.

April 5th - 9th: No EL services this week. This will allow students to acclimate back to their classroom, or their new online service model, without interruptions/pull-outs. The EL Team will be working to create a new schedule to accommodate all of our students and their new in-person or online service model.

Spring Break (4/12-4/16)

More information will follow after Spring Break!

All the best,

Lockwood EL Team
Cheryl McFarlane and Janice Merdgen

Welcome to the Lockwood ELL Website
(English Language Learners)

The ELL program exists to serve English learners as they develop English language proficiency while striving to access grade level academic content. Put simply, the goal of ELL is to provide access to what's going on in the classroom. ELL's receive varying levels of support based on their language proficiency and grade level. 
Students in the ELL program are given language support in their classrooms. An ELL specialist works with the child, providing him or her with instruction to build their English skills for listening, speaking, reading and writing. The ELL specialist uses pictures, games, graphic organizers, books, realia, first language translations, GLAD and other ELL strategies to enable students to understand class instruction and participate in class activities. 
Guidelines for ELL instruction are based on the Washington English Language Proficiency (ELP) Standards that connect to the Common Core State Standards. Instruction is designed to meet students at their different proficiency levels while challenging them to advance to the next level. Active communication in English through listening, speaking, reading and writing is at the heart of instruction.In the classroom, students work in individual, small group and classroom settings. We strive for a 'safe' learning environment where students are free to make mistakes, are confident in their ability to succeed and find the content of the class relevant to their lives.
Learning a new language is a fun, but difficult task. As the teacher, I will guide the students as much as I can, but the responsibility for learning is with the students. The following practices will help students to be successful learners.
· Pay attention
· Participate in all class activities
· Practice speaking English outside of class
· Attend class regularly with a good attitude
· Finish assignments
· Ask questions
· Take risks - Don't be afraid to make mistakes - you'll learn from them. The more you try, the faster you'll learn
· HAVE FUN! We do our best to make the class interesting and challenging. Students will learn the most when they relax and enjoy the activities.

English Language Development (ELD) services provides students (K-12) with linguistic development accessing grade level academic content as they acquire English language proficiency. Multilingual students who qualify for ELD services receive appropriately differentiated levels of direct services based on their language proficiency and grade level.


Annual English Language Assessments


The State of Washington requires that students who are eligible for ELD services take an assessment yearly to measure students’ continuing progress in reading, writing, speaking, and listening in English. Multilingual students who qualify for services in Northshore will take the annual WIDA Access English Language Proficiency Assessment or the WIDA Alternate Access Assessment for students that qualify based on their IEP. This includes students who are eligible but whose parents have refused services.

WIDA testing will take place in-person and at school between January 29, 2024 and March 22, 2024. By fall of the following school year you will receive your student’s score report.



Megan Bernicchi
Assistant Director

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