Welcome to Music at Lockwood

We are thrilled to have you and your children as part of our wonderful musical community. Whether your child is just beginning their musical journey or is a seasoned musician, we are here to provide an enriching and enjoyable music education experience.

At Lockwood Elementary, we believe that families play a crucial role in a child's musical development. We want to involve you more in your child's musical education and create a stronger bond between school and home. To achieve this, we have some exciting ideas and opportunities planned for this school year:

  • Volunteer Opportunities: We want to encourage parents and guardians to volunteer their time and skills to support our music program. Whether you have musical talents to share, can assist during events, or want to help with fundraising efforts, your involvement is invaluable to us.

  • Communication: We value open communication. Feel free to reach out to our music department with any questions, concerns, or ideas you may have. We are here to collaborate with you in ensuring a positive and enriching musical experience for your child.

We are excited about the musical journey that lies ahead and the opportunity to work closely with you to nurture your child's love for music. Together, we can create memorable and educational experiences that will last a lifetime.

Please stay tuned for more information about our upcoming events and activities. If you have any immediate questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us at (Mary Abdi) and (Adam Bacot). 

Thank you for entrusting us with your child's musical education. We look forward to an inspiring year filled with the joy of music.

Musically yours, 

Adam Bacot and Mary Abdi

Lockwood Elementary General Music

musical instruments in a Lockwood Music Classroom

Music Teachers

Adam Bacot
Music Teacher
Mary Abdi
Music Teacher

Spring Concert Schedule

Performances are in Lockwood cafe.


May 14th: 6:00PM (Student Arrival 5:45)

1st Grade

May 14th: 7:00PM (Student Arrival 6:45)

2nd Grade

May 15th: 6:00PM (Student Arrival 5:45)

3rd Grade

May 15th: 7:00PM (Student Arrival 6:45)

4th Grade*

April 2nd: 6:30 (Student Arrival  6:15)

*This performance is at the Northshore Performing Arts Center at Bothell High School