Physical Education (PE)

Welcome to PE at Lockwood!

Our goal is to develop a program that promotes healthy bodies and positive attitudes towards LIFETIME physical activity, fitness and sports skills.

We will start incorporating jump ropes into our PE classes. If you don’t already have a jump rope at home you may purchase one to keep or borrow one to return at the end of the year.

Please fill out this form to let the PE department know which option you are choosing (buy, borrow or already own).

If you would like to buy a rope through Lockwood's PTA you can do so here.

Purchased or borrowed ropes will be distributed at the November supply pick up. Orders are due October 29th. Please see the flyer from the PE department for more information, or to figure out what size rope will work best for your child.

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Lockwood PE teachers Laura Keeton and Kevin Hyppa
Lockwood PE teacher Kevin Hyppa with mic.



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