Device Protection Program (DPP) for Student Device

Device Protection Program (DPP) for Student Device

Beginning September 1, 2023, all damage to student-assigned devices will be reviewed and if the damage appears to be due to negligence, accident, or intentional misuse a fine will be assessed to the family.  The damaged device will be collected from the student and a new one assigned to limit disruption to learning.

To offset the potential costs related to accidental damage, Northshore School District implemented a new insurance option for families called the Device Protection Program (DPP).  This optional program costs $25 per student and provides discounts on damages to devices.  Under the DPP, the first accidental damage will cost the family $0.  The second will be 50% of the cost of the repair.  All damage beyond the 2nd event will be full cost.

The DPP does not cover loss.  If a student loses their device, charging cable, or bag, the family will be fined the entire replacement cost.  DPP will also not cover obvious intentional damage to a device.  

Enrolment in the DPP is done using Northshore’s online payment system TouchBase at  If you do not have your NSD parent TouchBase login information, please email Sonja Gill-More at  

Additional information about Northshore’s Device Protection Program can be found on the NSD website at: