Our School

Lockwood Courtyard in the fall

Welcome to Lockwood Elementary School!

At Lockwood, our mascot is the leopard. Our “pride” consists of highly dedicated teachers, parents, and community members who nurture the growth of all children in our care.

Our school community takes great “pride” in continuing to support the development of the whole child. Our PTA, PACE program, EAP program, Sensory program, parents, and staff do an exceptional job of supporting learning at school, extending learning opportunities into the community, and helping children at home. Education and learning are highly valued, respected, and supported by all at our school.

An amazing variety of enrichment activities are organized by our parents to enhance learning and social opportunities of our students and their families. Our parent are so very generous with their time, talents, and energy. These are hallmarks and traditions that have made Lockwood Elementary a very special place for learning and growing for a long time. Many of our parents are alumni of Lockwood! Family and traditions are strong here and we benefit from that closeness and commitment every day!

Each year, we work hard to improve our educational program and to help our students to be prepared for happy and productive lives. Our School Improvement Plan this year has focused on improving teaching and learning in the areas of mathematics and literacy. Many people have helped our students grow this past year. 

In addition to academics, our priorities also include the implementation of PBIS strategies for maintaining the health and well-being of our school culture. Our staff, students, and parents have worked hard to organize many child and family centered activities and school wide events to bring fun, joy, and balance to our busy days.

Please join us in supporting the academic learning, social growth, and development of ALL children. 


Reports & Demographics

Main entrance to Lockwood Elementary

Mission Statement 

Lockwood Elementary provides a learning community that recognizes all students as capable learners.  We promote high standards, expect accountability, and celebrate success. Cooperation, responsibility, and confidence promote our goals of life-long learning and responsible citizenship.

flowers and bushes in the Lockwood courtyard