Lockwood PTA Bike Safety Program for Lockwood Students

The Lockwood PTA is partnering with Lockwood parent James Colver to offer a Bike Safety Program for Lockwood Students!  This partnership supports the school's goals of promoting bicycle safety, advocating for more outside physical exercise, and supporting families to be environmentally conscious by reducing our use of carbon fuels.  

The Bike Safety Program will offer students hands-on lessons with instructors who ride with students from their houses to school to teach the route and what they would need to know to stay safe. 

Completion of this program will meet the bicycle safety training requirement for those students who wish to participate in the NSD Bike to School program and meet all other expectations.

The Bike Safety Program is offered FREE of charge to all student and meets the district's safety course needed for students to Bike to School.*

Lockwood parent James Colver, and his son, Shephard, are the program’s Bike Safety instructors.  They bring their experience and passion for cycling to Lockwood students.  

James is a cross country cyclists with over 20,000 miles of experience.  He successfully coached his son who at only age 6 asked if one day they could ride together all the way to New York to see the Statue of Liberty.  His father agreed to train him and 3 years later they successfully completed the tour when Shepherd was just 9 years old.  Shepherd currently holds the record as the youngest cyclist to complete the Northern Tier Bicycle Route.  Together they look forward to helping other students learn to safely ride in Bothell and Kenmore.

* Thanks to sponsors, a limited number of free bikes and helmets will be offered to those in financial need.

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How to Participate

To partcipate in the Bike Safety for Lockwood Students Program please complete the consent and release of liablity form and turn it in to the Lockwood Office.

Mr. Colver will contact families directly for scheduling.

Consent and Release Form


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