After School Authorization

Any daily changes in your child’s means of transportation (i.e. walking, bus, or parent pick-up), destination, or time of leaving must be commuicated in writing, signed and dated by you as the parent/guardian.

We strongly perfer you print and use this form: After School Authorization.

Without writen approval, your child will not be able to make a change from his or her daily routine. Please make sure to put your child’s full name and date on your note. If you forget to send a note, please call the Lockwood office as early in the day as possible. Calling late in the day is disruptive to the classroom since it requires us to interrupt learning. An e-mail note is not recommended.  It may not get read in time.
Examples include:

  • Your child will be going home on the bus with another child
  • Your child will be picked up by someone else
  • Your child will be staying after school for an activity
  • Your child will be leaving early that day for an appointment
  • When your child plans to ride a different bus, a bus pass must be issued.  

The note from you must include:

  • Full name of your child
  • Full name of the child he/she is riding the bus with
  • Bus number
  • Bus stop location (address or cross streets)
  • Your signature and date

Please send the note to school with your child to give to his/her teacher or you may give the note to the office staff at Lockwood.