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Photo of Lockwood Nurse Sue Derosier

During the COVID-19 outbreak, our community has come together to provide assistance to families in need. The following organizations are ready to help with food, housing, healthcare and more.

Please email recommendations of resources to be added to this database.

Community Assistance List


School Nurse

Sue Desrosier BSN, RN

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Lockwood's heathroom without any students.  Bed and chairs ready for sick children.

My goals are to keep our students safe and healthy, to manage health problems as they arise, and to be a resource and advocate for families in our Lockwood Community. I am here the entire school day and welcome and encourage you to contact me about any health, medical, or social concerns which arise during the school year.
To help me achieve these goals, please keep me updated of any changes regarding your child's health or medications he/she may be taking. Also be sure to inform the office staff if there are changes in your emergency contact information.

We provide the following services:

  • Basic vision and hearing screenings
  • Immunization and disease monitoring
  • Injury and illness care during school
  • Administering medication
  • Health education
  • Resources and referrals
  • and more!