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PTA Sponsored Science Week

In lieu of a science fair this year the PTA events team is excited to bring you a curated collection of science experiments for students to try and learn from at home!

Each experiment focuses on different concepts and many include explanations of the concepts and how they are exhibited/demonstrated by the experiment.  They are separated by grade k-2 and 3-5, plus a few additional that need parent participation due to the supplies utilized and an exothermic heat reaction (yay for elephant toothpaste!).

The experiments are available on the Lockwood PTA website through May 31st. 

We invite you to take pictures and submit them for possible inclusion in the yearbook or as part of science week slide show.  Details on how to do so are available on the science week webpage.  We hope students and families will enjoy these science experiments!

The Lockwood PTA is made up of volunteers working for the benefit of all children. Their strong support and positive energy is a driving force that provides a wide variety of programs and activities that enhance student learning.

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