Report an Absence

Students are expected to attend school each day. It is important that you contact the office whenever your student will be absent.


Call 425-408-5810

Attendance Policy

Reporting Absences
Parents/Guardians must contact the office attenance before 10:00 am of the day of the absence.  In the message, leave the student’s name, teacher’s name, date, and the reason for the absence.

Student absences may be reported in writing, by email, by phone, or in person. 

Extended Absences
If you know your student is going to be absent 2 or more days, please complete the Request for Extended Absence Form.

Valid Excuses For Missing School
The Northshore School Board, Policy No. 3120, directs the schools to accept the following as valid reasons to excuse a student from the state requirement to attend school daily:
-Illness or health condition, verified by parent
-Medical or dental appointment
-Family emergency, verified by parent
-Religious observance, requested by a parent

Please schedule vacations outside of the school calendar.