Parent & Student Handbook

Together, students, families, teachers, staff and administrators share the responsibility in creating and sustaining an environment that enhances student achievement and well-being in the Northshore School District.

At Loockwood, we provide a Parent and Student handbook that outlines many key policy, process, and information for student success here at Lockwood.

Students should review content with their families and then sign and return the “Lockwood Student Contract” each fall.

Additional, Northshore School District’s Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook addresses district wide expectations.  Additional information and the NSD Students Rights and Responsibilities Handbook can be found at: NSD Student Rights and Responsibilities.

Blue book with words Student Handbook on front

View and download Lockwood Parent and Student Handbook here.

Download Lockwood Student Contract page for signature.  Please return to classroom teacher by Sept. 27, 2019.